Tips On How To Download Free Books Online

Technological progress has rendered conventional books less popular as more people embrace the convenience that come with the developments. With the help of an e-reader device, you can read all the books you can handle without having issues with your sight, especially because e-ink does not glow and you can also set contrast to comfortable levels. There is even more convenient because you can carry as many books with you as you want on the devices something that would prove cumbersome with paper bound books.

Free books can be found online so you get to enjoy your read without really spending much on the books that you prefer. But to have an even more enjoyable time with the free books, you need to be cautious with the book downloads so you end up with genuine deals that match your reading preferences every way possible.

Tip 1 – Select reputable and reliable sites to download your eBooks from. There are so many sites out there offering free books, but only the best will contain all relevant books for your reading preferences. A good site should not solely deal with one genre, but should at least offer you variety so you have the freedom to choose the books that you can download and read for free instead of being limited to options just because you are getting the books free. A good site should also offer books that are written by professionals and recognized authors for that matter. It would be even more convenient to choose a site that sends you updates once new books have been uploaded on the site. Find out what you can enjoy from the site before subscribing so you get better value.

Tip 2 – Choose the download format carefully. Free books downloads can be in RTF, TXT, EPUB, PDF and MOBI formats. PDF book format is probably the best that you can settle for. It is a format that contains texts complete with drawings, formulas and any other graphical information the book may have. Most books actually look very appealing in PDF format and even the tables are clearly displayed to give you the most pleasant time reading your selected books. You will find the format especially impressive with books that touch on fitness and health and come with lots of graphics to take the message home. There are very good sites that offer free eBooks in PDF formats only.

Tip 3 – Go through any book review before downloading. It is one of the best ways of understanding what the book is all about and deciding whether it is something you would enjoy reading. Reviews can be from readers who have already read through the books or you can also rely on book previews that give you a summary of what is behind the story. The books may be free, but that does not mean that you should be stuck with a boring book simply because it is free. Find a little about it before going ahead with the download.

11 Tips For 11 Plus Revision

As with any other study program, you need to practice a lot for your 11 plus preparation. But this may not be enough. Given below are a few revision tips that can help both students and parents.

Don’t overburden your kid

You shouldn’t put too much pressure on your kid. Allow your kid to have breaks for rest. Usually, it’s a good idea to let them have a break of 5 to 10 minutes.

Attention span

Usually, the attention span of a kid is between 30 and 50 minutes. What you need to do is increase their attention span bit by bit. For this, you should make a list of topics for each subject.


Ask your kid to make revisions in different places around the home. This will make it easier for your kid to take an exam in new places. Also, active revision will be easier if your kid has past papers. You can also try mock exams.

Visual aids

Visuals aids can help, such as spider diagrams. These mind maps show various parts of a topic that your kid will need to learn. Besides, this will help with the summarization of a subject.


Mnemonics will help your kid remember information with words, phrases or abbreviations. The thing is to make the information interesting, as interesting things are difficult to forget.


Once your child achieves an 11+ topic, you can give them a reward. You should keep setting targets and giving your kid rewards. This is a great way of encouraging your kid to do better.


Your kid should be fast enough to do 11+ papers in the examination hall. Make sure you create a simulation of the exam conditions and test your kids speed by testing him with mock papers. Moreover, you should go over each test paper to spot mistakes.

Work on difficult subjects

If your kid is weak in certain subjects, make sure he or she gives more time to these subjects. Most kids avoid the subjects they feel difficult, which is not a good idea.

Take Rest

With any exercise, your body muscle requires rest. The same goes for the brain as well. After studying for a while, make sure your kid takes rest. Studying all the time and not taking any rest may prove counterproductive.

Exercise and food

Exercise and healthy diet is very important for the proper functioning of the brain. So, make sure your child eats fruits and fresh veggies on a regular basis.


Make sure your kid sleeps well. If your kid finds it hard to stay fresh and happy, you should ask him or her to have a hot bath before going to bed. Not getting enough sleep will be bad for the mental health of your child.

So, these are some good tips for your kid’s 11 plus preparation. If followed properly, your kid will be able to do very well in the exams. Lastly, it’s important that you don’t be too hard on your kid as it may prove counterproductive and your kid may get sick of studying.

Controlling the Parameters of a Trial to Ensure Credibility

SMO clinical research is dedicated to offering the best standards in the industry. It is a detailed process that isolates the variables that will be applied and monitored for the duration of the trial. Being in complete control of the parameters is very important. Otherwise, the entire process can be compromised and the results won’t be credible.

Developing the Study

Narrowing down the information to verify for a given hypothesis is a big part of the SMO clinical research development for the study. They have to isolate the factors they wish to test. It isn’t realistic to expect too much to be evaluated with any given study at once. This is because that can result in too many variables being possible for the outcomes.

By narrowing it down, it can be said with certainty this particular outcome was the result of this particular medication or other product that was involved in the clinical trial. This is why there is always the control group and the placebo group. Comparing the data from each of the groups allows the conclusions to be verified.

Selecting Candidates

It is important to offer the clinical trial to the right profile for candidates. They may a specific gender, age group, ethnicity, have a certain medical ailment, or other requirements. Part of SMO clinical research is to create that profile for the study. While there will be common threads among those individuals, there will also be enough differences.

It doesn’t make sense for all of them to have the same identifying markers as that is going to narrow down the results and sway them in a particular way. Showing the diversity among the subjects is an important part of proving the data and results collected during the study.

Size of the Study

Determining the size of the study also has to be explored. It all depends on the specifics for the testing and the funding for it. Small study groups are just as important as larger ones. Sometimes, SMO clinical research will start out with a small group. If the results are favorable for what they are trying to achieve, they may then expand and do another trial with a larger sample group.

If the results aren’t favorable, the decision may be made to adjust some of the variables and then to compile a new test group. This can help to achieve the desired results that were lacking with the first study group. There can be quite a bit of trial and error with this type of research.

Duration of the Study

Information has to be used to determine SMO clinical research timeframes too. Some of the studies can be completed in a window of several weeks. Others though want to find out the long-term effects of a product. This may result in follow ups with the candidates at regular intervals for additional testing and other procedures.

This can help with determining of the long-term effects of a given product being tested can be harmful to the individuals. When that is the case, it has to be disclosed that there could be such a problem even if the product does initially offer a solution. Patients have to be well informed of such risks.


With SMO clinical research, the results aren’t going to be biased in any way. They are going to be a true reflection of the outcome. It is important to find a provider of such services with a very good record. It can be time consuming and expensive to proceed with a clinical trial. You don’t want to take the risk that anything is going to result in the outcome not being true.

We are dedicated to clinical research efforts to help offer information for pharmaceutical companies. Our goal is to make sure patients can have access to medications to help them live the best quality of life possible. We strive to use cutting edge procedures and techniques to deliver unbiased information with both Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials. Please learn more about our procedures at Our date is carefully compiled, offering credible information that can be used for a wide range of decisions both in the USA and several other countries. We continue to be a leader in this industry due to our dedication and integrity.

Tips To Help You Get Ready To Receive Your School Exam Results

Sitting an exam is one thing and it is quite another to receive results for the same. No matter how prepared and confident most students are when sitting for their exams, there always seem to be some sort of anxiousness and nervousness when it is finally time to receive the exam results. This is especially the case when your exam performance determines whether you go to the next level or not. It is not fun to keep retaking exams and therefore most students hope to pass. The thought of failure seems to freak almost everyone out, but there are a few things that you can do to prepare for the results.

1. Remind yourself that you gave the exam your best. This is one of the easiest ways of keeping calm and maintaining cool when the results are about to be released. You studied hard and prepared for the exams the best way you could so you are bound to get what you really deserve. Go over your preparation period and convince yourself that you are a success no matter what to calm your nerves down.

2. Get your mind off the results. If you are too anxious to do anything else or to think of anything else, you only make it worse when you sit around doing nothing. Why not find an engaging activity to help you keep your mind off the results. You can engage in interesting exercises or take a session at the gym to try create a diversion as you await to receive the results. The less you think about the results the less you will worry yourself over the unknown.

3. Be ready to accept the results. Acceptance is very important and no matter what grades you get, you should be ready to accept them. If your performance is impressive them celebrate how you want and if it is not as satisfying then at least remember that you can always retake or have a remark of the same. There is really no reason to take drastic actions simply because you did not perform as expected, so be ready to accept whatever comes your way.

4. Choose the best channel to get the results. Most schools make it possible for students to find results on their website and some offer codes that can be dialed via mobile phone for the results to be accessed. Such channels are convenient if you want to get your results fast and easy without leaving the comfort of your home, but some prefer the traditional method of going physically to the school to get results. Choose the channel you are most comfortable with so you have the privacy that you may need when opening the results or you may have the company you find appropriate for the same. Some would rather be alone, others with fellow students and teachers, whereas others feel more at ease around family.

5. Know who to turn to in case you need assistance. You may want to have someone on standby to offer you necessary support or advice as soon as you open your results. It is best that you select this person beforehand; it could be a trusted teacher, or a close family member or friend.

5 Top Benefits of Studying Abroad

Most of the people aspire to study abroad, but they are not sure about its precise advantages. If you are one among them for whom studying abroad is alluring, but are not aware of the actual benefits associated with it, you need to know these top 5 benefits of overseas education.

Your Language Skills Gets Honed:

This is one of the major benefits of studying abroad. Studying in a foreign country enables you to immerse in a language that is new to you. When you use it on a day-to-day basis, both formally and informally, your language skills get developed automatically.

You Would Learn in a Better Way:

Studying abroad will expose you to a different style of education. In India, education is theory-based and centred around books and notes. Foreign nations focus more on the practical aspect of studies. So, you will experience a better way of learning and would be able to grasp effectively and quickly.

Learn a New Culture:

Most of the students leave their homes for the first time. When they take up a course overseas, they get to know about the new culture, habits and traditions. When they mingle up socially, they learn about a new culture.

Bright Career Aspects:

Apparently, overseas education means bright career opportunities. This is considered to be a major advantage from the employers point of view. Most of the students get immersed in the culture and the language of the host country that they decide to work there and become financially strong.

Personality Development:

Being on your own in a foreign nation improves your personality. When you are independent, you grow confident. Not only this, in your bid to adapt to the new environment, people, language and culture, you become assertive. This in turn develops your over and all personality. You develop new interests and hobbies apart from making lifelong friends.

Selenium Training Online – The Pick or Drop Session

The Selenium Training Online/ Classroom mode is currently the in the hit list of all the software testers. Since its inception, Selenium has been known for several of its good features and even today it is no less than a hot cup cake. In this tutorial, you are promised to get a basic understanding of Selenium and whether or not you should go for selenium training to promote your career.

Selenium is for Software Testing Professionals and it is better understood if the learner has basic understanding of Java or any other object oriented programming language. Slight understanding of testing concepts can be the feather in the cap.


Selenium is an open source portable and automated software testing tool used for testing of web applications. Selenium can operate across different operating systems and different browsers. It is not a single tool but a set of various tools that aid testers in automating the web based applications efficiently and effectively.

Here is a brief understanding of various tools that make Selenium the apple of testers’ eyes.

Selenium IDE

The Integrated Development Environment of Selenium is a Firefox plugin which allows the testers to record all their activities as they follow the workflow that they need to test. It offers graphical user interface that records the user’s Firefox actions. This can only be used with Firefox browser and other browsers are not supported.

Selenium RC

Selenium Remote Control is a flagship testing framework that lets testers perform simple browser actions and linear execution. It completely uses the strengths of programming languages like Java, C#, Python, PHP, PERL and Ruby that helps in creation of more complex tests.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is the successor of Selenium RC. It directly sends commands to the browser and then the results are retrieved.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is a tool which is used to run tests parallel across different machines and different browsers. This results in reduction of execution time greatly.

Advantages of Selenium

  • Selenium is an open source tool
  • It can be extended for several different technologies that expose DOM
  • It has the ability to execute scripts across different browsers
  • It also can execute scripts on different operating systems
  • It supports mobile devices.
  • It executes tests within the browser. Therefore no focus is needed during script execution.

Disadvantages of Selenium

There are few disadvantages of Selenium which definitely does not affect the popularity of Selenium. Here we go.

  • Selenium supports only web based applications
  • It does not have the feature of recovery scenario
  • It does not have IDE due to which the development of script becomes slow
  • It does not have the ability to control access within the browser
  • It does not have test report generation
  • The uses has to depend on programming language for parameterization

Before Enrolling Yourself Into an Online Class

If we look around us we will see too many once happily enrolled online class students wondering haunted in search of “pay someone to do my online class”. Well, surely there are reputable companies that can help such students with their professional online course takers, but the most intriguing question that one needs to ask is why actually these students are in search of “we do your online class” service? Quite frankly the straightest answer to this question is that most students have no idea what they are getting themselves into while enrolling for an online class.

If you are thinking of getting yourself enrolled in an online course, continue reading below and ask yourself these questions, else you also might end up in search of a “hire someone to take online class” service.

Do you really have time for this?
Majority of students enrolled in an online course is from humble working class background who want to pursue their education in hope of carrier boost. However, looking at the prevailing hectic work routines for most people it can be a challenging task to coup with an online degree. You might be lured into enrolling by a common myth that these online classes are way easier than their traditional counterparts. This is a total myth, because where such online class do offer time flexibility, they are in certain aspects even more demanding than traditional classes. This is because with shorter semester length and lengthy course, you need to put extra efforts to cover those lengthy classes.

So, before enrolling into an online course, ask yourself if you got adequate time to coup with such hectic schedule and demanding course or not. Else, you might end up searching for a professional “we do your online class” help.

Do you really want this or you just need this?
This is the most bizarre aspect about online classes. Most people only join these classes to get any required degree without any real motivation. The only motivation they have is to excel in their carrier and this make them chose subjects which they have no background knowledge.

While you may get admitted in any of your desired subject but an overwhelming majority of such students can’t coup up with technicalities of the subject and end up looking for an online class helper. So, you need to ask yourself if you really want this degree or you just need it as a carrier ladder.

Can you manage your life?
You might think you have the time to take an online course and you might also be motivated enough to take-on the subject technicalities, but you also need to ask yourself if you really can manage such a hectic life style. We mean that you got to be considerate about your family and friends as well.

Hectic work routine is already too demanding for most people to spend quality time with family members and friends. Top it with online course and you will dread for solitary quality moments with your family. This will not only affect your family members or friends, but also you won’t be able to concentrate and end up looking for some professional “pay to take online class” service. Therefore, make sure you have the time to manage your life before getting yourself into this.

My name is Shajee Fareedi, I am digital marketing specialist, my work is my passion and I can work day and night to reach my goal. I like to use new innovative ideas in my work and I welcome every positive change without hesitation.I like perfection but I don’t rely on others for my work and always take every task as seriously as my first task,and like to do everything myself. I am a good learner and want to learn every new thing that is beneficial for my work and can add to my expertise. I can deliver every task within a given deadline in an expert manner.

Mobile Learning Apps That Increase Learning Efficacy

With the increasing trend of mobile learning and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the corporate world, there are increased number of devices that most employees choose to learn from. In addition, there are a number of mlearning apps that help learners in many other ways and support their learning endeavours. Given here are some of those functions for which they need help, and the instruments that help them:

    • For note-taking: Microsoft OneNote is a robust note-taking app and has a uniform appeal, as it looks similar to a traditional notebook. It is also like an interactive whiteboard because the notes you write on the board go straight to the notebook. Instructors can utilize this to share notes with the learners, while students can write notes, edit, take screenshots, and make to-do lists.
    • Writing: For writing ‘traditional’ essays, Microsoft Word is still the most popular tool for Microsoft devices. iPad/Mac learners can write on their devices with Pages and, then open it on Proofing tools, such as Grammarly, are used to proof-read the text and help present high-standard work. These mlearning apps saves time for the learners and they deliver high quality work. Google docs is of prime importance for collaborative, simultaneous writing and peer feedback. Collaborative team projects or online presentations can be created and shared with the use of collaborative writing tools. Due to its availability on mobile devices, it becomes more accessible. Learners can write down their observations and comments even on the go. This helps others get more clarity and improves the overall quality of written work.
    • Blogging: Blog posts provide a lot of knowledge and can be an icebreaker in the beginning of a training program. It is best to use apps that are completely compatible with blogs and RSS, such as Blogs for iOS, Windows Live Writer for Microsoft, and WordPress. As an alternative, the learners can write on Google Drive and paste into their blog editor.
    • Submitting written assignments: There are many mobile apps, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, which can help to collect written material. Dropbox is multipurpose tool where in addition to documents, learners can also upload audio, video or other formats. If learners do not have an access to Dropbox app, they can include a link.
    • Screenshots: Images from screen are often the ones that impact us the most. There are many apps for taking screenshots, such as Snagit.
  • Moving between platforms: For effective mobile learning, learners should know how to convert, export, import, and move data seamlessly between apps and devices of all kinds. They should also know how to print, open or annotate the documents in various readers. Zamzar and Calibre are popular apps for this conversion process.

To conclude, corporate learners are technology savvy and look forward to learning opportunities that align to their needs and help them perform better. Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is a growing trend in corporate training, where the learner is allowed to bring his or her own device to work and accesses learning on it. This allows the learners to access trainings as per their needs. Keeping up with this trend, mobile apps are helping learners to reap maximum benefits from the mobile learning opportunity.

Narrative Style In Mobile Learning Can Be An Effective Learning Tool

With the rise in popularity of mobile phones in our daily lives, it has also become an important platform for training and learning. Storytelling can be a powerful learning intervention – in classrooms as well as for corporates. It has a lasting impact and increases retention of information through stories.

There is scientific backing that storytelling actually changes brain chemistry, and if done in an effective way, can lead to strengthened relationships and acts of kindness. Can this powerful way of teaching and learning adopted for mobile learning delivery? To explore various options, we have to first consider that stories can be told in many different ways, not just in the traditional text-based narrative. Various forms of storytelling can be adopted and mixed to create a suitable mix – as per learner preferences and the learning objectives.

For learners who prefer visual learning, graphic novels or graphics-based stories can be created to make sure that textual content is less but the essence of the story is not lost. To keep things light and informal, a comic can be created that touches upon serious topics in a lighter vein. Maps, charts or statistics can be represented to create stories as well. Music and audio-visuals can also be bound together to create stories for learners who do not prefer to read. Instead of strictly following one route, the developer may opt for a mix of one or more to create maximum impact.

To create stories for the mobile platform, instead of a traditional approach, it is better to adopt routes more suited for the platform. Mobile devices have smaller screens compared to laptops or desktops computers. Therefore a text-based approach might not be impactful enough. Instead an approach with graphics or audio-visuals would be more suited to the m-learning platform:

  • Stories can be made part of mobile based games that present a quest for learners to follow, based on a set of missions.
  • Stories can be shared in the form of case studies with figures and findings highlighted for maximum impact
  • Video-based stories can also be very powerful in engaging mobile learners. Audio track can also run along these videos to give an option of just hearing, when the learner does not want to stare at the screen anymore.
  • Blogs can also build in stories and practical experiences that will interest learners of all kinds. Option of ‘subscribing’ into the blog can be made available which makes sure that learners get instant intimations as soon as new content is uploaded on the blog.
  • Video blogs can also be story-based and accessed on the mobile platform. Like textual blogs, learners can subscribe into them as well and get mails or text messages on their handheld devices as soon as new videos are up. This makes sure that learners are subtly pushed for learning from time to time till they are truly interested in learning videos and look forward to them.

A Closer Look At An MBA In Business Analytics

An MBA in business analytics is able to prepare the students so that they can be ready to take on the many careers that are found in this dynamic field.

A lot of data is being stored and gathered from the many medical records of each individual so that they can be transported to well-equipped providers of logistics. Many optimization methods and fast computers are now readily available so that they can be able to transform the data to information that plays a big role in making decisions.

The data will now play a big part in making it easy for you to slowly apply some analytical methods that are highly advanced to help solve some business problems that couldn’t be solved in the past.

If you decide to specialize in business analytics then you’re able to learn how to use various models and data to assist you to make informed decisions that involve business. A student who specializes in this field will slowly learn how they can model some of these relationships by knowing how historical data is able to predict stock returns, the benefits of advertising on sales and also how some of the changes in task characteristics are able to greatly influence the completion time.

The admission criteria for an MBA in business analytics mainly depends on both your professional and academic background. It is also dependent on the potential for having a successful career in analytics. Each applicant is mainly evaluated on the basis of the criteria mentioned above in relation to the current applicant group.

Having an academic background in fields like business, mathematics, and economics is actually crucial for anyone who wants to pursue an MBA in business analytics.

When it comes to understanding business analytics, it is a program that teaches you to refer to technologies and skills that are able to explore the past performance in business so that you can make better and informed decisions. The program is actually very essential for those students who are looking to transform large amounts of data into better decisions.

Possible Careers

Below are some careers that you can pursue after the completion of this program.
– Analytical marketing
– You can also work as a consultant in environments that are rich in data.
– Analysis of financial data.
– Business technology
– Risk Management
– Strategic Planning
– Public Finance
– Investment Banking
– Management Consulting
– Brand Management

All applicants of these programs should have an interest in applying analytical approaches to management which is clearly showed in courses like probability and statistics, Statistical Decision Making and Optimization.

Some management books like Competing on Analytics or Smart ( Enough) Systems are very popular for all students who are interested in doing this amazing and important program.

This program is very crucial for anyone who is Interested in building or enhancing their career in business. It helps you to make well thought and great business decisions that allow you to grow your business.